Intensive Intervention

An "intensive intervention" is indicated if the conditions for an intervention in the consultation modality (once a month) are not met, and/or the child's developmental disorder is so far-reaching that only a professional implementation of the intervention measures and their timely supervision meet the necessary requirements to ensure effective intervention.

The "intensive intervention" includes 3 specialist services:

1. Consultation. It takes place as already described under the “Consultation” tab. In this context, follow-up consultation also includes the guidance of the responsible co-therapists in the implementation of the child-specific therapy program.

2. Co-therapy. As part of a co-therapy, or one-on-one therapy, the intervention-related support measures are carried out by employees of ABA Autismus Therapie Düsseldor GmbH. These employees have autism-specific knowledge and an in-house qualification in ABA.

The duties of a co-therapist include:

  • Preparation of learning materials for the implementation of the support measures
  • Carrying out the promotional measures with the child
  • Collecting data during the therapy sessions
  • Delivering feedback to the parents at the end of the sessions
  • Participation in a regular supervision (see below)

3. Case-related supervision. The BCBA and Co-therapist meet to discuss the child's progress in a timely manner, to review measures, and, where appropriate, to adjust targets and supportive measures. This happens at regular intervals, typically weekly.

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