Behavior Specialist Consultant Services

We offer collaboration services between schools, families, and the ABA ATD therapy center. 

This position has been created for problem-solving as it relates to behavior and social emotional learning. 

Our role as a Behavior Specialist is to ensure best practices are in place, quality interventions are implemented and appropriate resources are aligned to specific student needs. 

We give our clients a lot of guidance and positive feedback, with frequent and ongoing analysis to ensure what we are doing is effective. This increases the overall success rate of learning.


A collaboration between our Behavior Specialist and a School typically encompasses the following:  

  • Conducting functional analyses of behavior to understand factors that contribute to and sustain challenging behaviors
  • Providing support and practical training to students 
  • Assisting classroom teachers with: development and implementation of instructional/behavioral plans, assisting with modifications of the curriculum or environment
  • Modeling strategies to staff 
  • Assisting with redirecting inappropriate behaviors of students in classrooms, provide positive behavior interventions 
  • Promoting a safe and productive learning environment for students 
  • Collaborating with the behavior team and meet with all members of the education team to insure consistency and treatment integrity
  • Professional development opportunities, tailored to the needs of the school and teachers
  • Leading social skills groups
  • Preparing reports and provide summaries, and submit to the administrative staff as requested 
  • Convening parent meetings as needed 

Please email for more information or to schedule an initial consultation meeting.